Collaboration is key at Big Branch. We value the two-way nature with our clients. This company was built around a team of artists that know how to deliver beautifully executed projects that will engage audiences around the world. 



 Big Branch’s creative content expands from producing music videos, documentaries, and commercials. From pre-visual design, programming and management for live events and tours, complete and accurate color control and management and various VFX and DFX techniques and software, we can make any vision a reality.


With offices in Nashville and Los Angeles Big Branch is able to produce projects coast to coast and execute a variety of programming including: TV and Commercials, Films and Documentaries, Music Videos, Web and New Media and Tour Content.


specializing in unique tour services that brand and expose artists creative talents for the performance of a lifetime. We provide a complete package for an artist on tour or a single live event. Ready to hit the road for all your creative content creation and equipment needs, we are an exclusive team of artists and managers that thrive off the sound of music and the visually illustrious.